Laura D'Arcangelo
22.01.1995 born in Berne, Switzerland
lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland

2018: Buntspecht-Exhibition, Akademie für Illustration und Design, Berlin
2017: Diploma exhibition, Messehalle Allmend, Lucerne
2016: CHAMP EXPLORÉ, Kunsthaus Grenchen

2018: «Ada und Eva», 10 best storyboards for a children's book 2018, Buntspecht-
Nachwuchswettbewerb, Berlin
2017: Bachelorwork «Ada und Eva» was nominated for the Förderpreis Design & Kunst, Luzern

2014-2017: Bachelor of Arts in Illustration Fiction, Hochschule Design & Kunst Luzern
2013-2014: Foundation Course, Hochschule Design & Kunst Luzern
2009-2013: Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt, Bern

2018: Bolo Klub, Bilderbuchklub Luzern

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